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4/25/2016 2:09 pm  #1

MACU Mustangs Golf 2016 matches needed

MACU Mustangs Men's Golf will be in it's 3rd season in Fall of 2016 and are looking for matches.
Please contact AD Neal Alligood -  or  252-334-2087 office if you have dates available.
We would look to make 2-3 road trips and host 2 events.
Our home course is within about 3 miles of our campus, The Pines of Elizabeth City
We can host a 1 day event with up to 4 teams and they do not charge us so your only cost would be your travel costs.
We are looking for matches from Wed 8/31/2016 - Wed 10/5/2016 - please contact us ASAP!


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